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Whilst ensuring prompt and efficient compliance with your accounting, tax and statutory obligations is often a significant part of our role, we aim to provide you with tailored advice for your unique circumstances.

Our experience of complex business issues provides us with an unusually wide span of expertise. This is available equally to our smaller and more substantial clients who value our advice and look to us for assistance on a regular basis.

We provide close support, combining knowledge of accounting, tax and business issues which has proved invaluable to clients involved in transactions, business planning and contentious litigation situations.

1- Transaction support

Our clients include owner managed businesses, cross-border multinationals and financial services organizations. As a multi-disciplinary firm we can advise in an integrated fashion on a wide range of issues including valuations, negotiation, due diligence and the all-important tax structuring, both personal and corporate. We often work closely with our clients' other advisors, becoming part of an integrated transaction team.

We frequently act in an active advisory role in purchase/sale transactions, acting as either leaders or part of the negotiating team. Our transaction support services range from valuations, to in depth corporate investigations and due diligence for the investors or lenders. As a multi-disciplinary firm we ensure that the important issues of tax structures, both personal and corporate, are closely integrated with our other advice, and supplied under one roof.

2- Business Planning and advice

Our partners have extensive experience of advising a range of business. We bring commercial, accounting and tax expertise to your situation. Additionally, we have a wide range of tools at our disposal, including business planning and budgeting models.

Our aim is to help you in your strategic and tactical planning and to give you an objective, informed view, which can often be the crucial missing ingredient or the catalyst to evolve and develop the strategy.

3- Forensic Services

RBCO has extensive experience of forensic services. Our reports are thoroughly researched and well argued.

Our experience of investigations at the highest level enables us to provide highly effective forensic accounting, tax, due diligence and investigative services in situations of potential fraud or criminality. Our partner-led team is independent and objective and capable of analyzing and explaining situations in jargon-free, clear-cut English.

Our particular knowledge and expertise includes:

  • Valuations of shares and businesses.
  • Investigative auditing.
  • Due diligence.
  • Tax investigations.
  • Professional negligence.
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes.
  • Loss of profit claims.
  • Action against directors.
  • Personal injury and fatal accident claims.
  • Technical advice on accounting standards.
  • Criminal investigation.
  • Disputed probate.
  • Investment problems including pensions.
  • Commercial disputes including those arising from corporate transactions.

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  • Phone:+92-91--5703151, 5703152
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