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Sustainable Development

Saturday, 08 June 2013 23:00

For sustainable development forest has its own value. In Pakistan forest area has been reportedly reduced from 2.58 % to 2.19%. This has a great disadvantageous effect on sustainable development. As plants helps in carbon dioxide absorption which contributes to the reduction of Global Warming, which is a currently emerging issue to consider seriously,

This should be the responsibility of our every manufacturing Company whoever uses fuel to support their production and it is also a kind of their social responsibility to plant as much tree as they produces CO2 so that CO2 production and absorption must be done on simultaneous basis.

Regarding technology:

The role of sustainable development would be to emphasize technologies that increase resource productivity rather than those that increase resource throughput.

Macroeconomic point of view:

A tradeoff between population size and per capita resource use in a region must be reached. In this respect the role of economic growth as opposed to development becomes important.

How our firm helps in sustainable development.

  1. An effort has been made by modifying structure to ensure that rooms are well lit by daylight with minimal use of electricity.
  2. We use energy savers rather than high voltage tube lights.
  3. Staff is encouraged to use both sides of page for printing; saving papers-saving trees.
  4. Staff is made aware of fact that clean water is a scarce resource and has to be used responsibly.
  5. We have planted trees for oxygen production and carbon di oxide absorption which helps in making our environment cooler and cleaner.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Saturday, 08 June 2013 23:00

How Our Society considers it….


PSO has come a long way from being a government department in early 1970s to where it is today as a major corporate heavyweight on Pakistan Stock exchanges. It has now made itself synonymous with community contribution. Our main CSR thrusts are Education, health care and community building which entails activities for women empowerment, children welfare and relief efforts during and after natural calamities have emerged.


“KAPCO is not only generating the much-needed electricity in Pakistan. As a responsible corporate citizen it is also dedicated to improving the standards of living in communities it operates in. We have an active social action program” Chief executive of KAPCO.


Strategic CSR and philanthropy could improve and enhance the image of business organizations and could also result in greater post-development demand for their products and services in communities they enable and support to improve standards of living, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bank Alfalah.

CSR Is Not Charity!

There is a common misconception about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Responsibility (CR). Most of these companies believe that CSR is charity. When asked if they have a CSR programme, policies, procedures and projects, they reply: "yes we have a charity programme and regularly donate money to charity organizations, and give food to the poor people. We are also thinking of setting up a girls school."

We must reiterate that CSR is not charity! Philanthropy is one of several elements of CSR in the developing world, where governments are not able to provide basic amenities to the people. CSR is compliance to the UN Global Compact guidelines, and transparent reporting and communication of business and social activities undertaken by a business, and in the manner the business executes and gets on with it is day-to-day dealings with its employees, customers and all other stakeholders.

We have also noticed that many businesses are now eager to publicise their chartiy and donation programmes through the print and electronic media. They are keen on showing the people of Pakistan that they care for them through their philanthropy and backing for social causes. It is very unfortunate, however, that many businesses in Pakistan continue to resort to unscrupulous behaviour in their dealings with employees, customers and service providers. They believe that intellectual services, information and knowledge are not commodities and should not be paid for, and they do not invest in or allocate resources to backing or funding research or the dissemination of information for creating awareness and encouraging positive action.

It is time that all multinational and national corporations start acting to promote the creation and spread of knowledge and information for socio-economic development, and to feed the minds of the people of Pakistan

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Corporate Governance

Saturday, 08 June 2013 22:59

What benefit it brings to the corporate sector:

• Optimizes Operational and Financial Efficiency.
• Streamlines business processes, leading to better operating performance & lower capital expenditures.
• Improves the company’s ROCE.
• Better share price performance, higher profitability, larger dividend payouts & lower risk levels than peers.
• Improves Access to Outside Capital.
• Improves Valuation and Lowers the Cost of Capital.
• Builds/Improves the Company’s Reputation


• Strong mgmt., who are simultaneously majority Shareholders.
• Large number of minority Shareholders, unable or unaware of collective action (lack of institutional investors).
• A general lack of understanding of the Board’s role within a company.
• Lack of experienced directors familiar with their rights & responsibilities.

Case study:


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Silver Jubilee Celebrations

Tuesday, 12 July 2011 15:29

Silver Jubilee Celebrations held at Marriot Hotel Islamabad

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