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The Asian Experience

RBC a name of quality now presents an estimate of the Asian improvements towards advance market requirements. Now the Asia and its sub-regions have adapted to the new emerging business framework. The firm enjoys international affiliation with partners around the world. It is amongst the large firms of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan comprising 08 Partners providing Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Management Advisory, Consultancy and other Corporate Services including Share Transfer, Registration and Winding-up Services, Information Technology, Business Process Re-engineering and Business Automation.

Most of the countries in the region have succeeded in improving their industrial and export performances and in achieving better technological structure of their manufactured exports. But China has reached the most impressive industrial and export performances over the last two decades. It leads the developing country grouping world shares of MVA. In 2000, China’s manufactured exports expanded 26 times the value recorded in 1981.

Consultancy services offered by RBC cater for the fast growing needs of management in the information age to provide client specific solutions to complex problems and assist the clients to implement newly/modified designed solutions. Our some of the services offered in the capacity of Assistant Registrar of Companies, Cost Accountant and Investigation Officer in Inland Revenue Department with the Government of Malaysia.

RBC has a diverse range of businesses operating in the municipality. These include those in the commercial services, retailing/wholesaling, community services, manufacturing, other services and activities and hospitality services sectors. Professional staff that is highly specialized in their respective fields manages the firm. These includes qualified personnel specialized in diverse fields who are capable of handling assignments at various levels.

The staff at RBC is experienced in their profession, and is knowledgeable about the business in Pakistan. They possess an understanding of compulsions and parameters of business of our clients, and have background of successfully meeting their service requirements. RBC provide their constituents with vital services that may not be available otherwise, such as transportation, public safety, healthcare, education, utilities and courts.

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