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Industries Overview

Today is a modern world which is highly competitive and force driven to achieve the best and remarkable results. A data base is structured to investigate phenomena that have rarely been measured and even more rarely set side by side so as to provide a comprehensive picture of the intensity of competition and its effects on productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Manufacturers are pressed to refresh their product models much faster than before. They have to penetrate new markets with innovative new products that support and cultivate strong brand values. This calls for a high performance development process – with high throughput and high precision. Engineering departments are challenged to tune the functional performance characteristics of new designs to the values that support their brand identity. To meet these challenges, product development and engineering take on a new mission. They transform their development processes to accelerate the going-to-market process, while controlling costs and risks.

Govt. Has an obligation to ensure that local industry is given full, fair and reasonable opportunity to be considered for major work being undertaken in the global worlds in both the public and private sectors. This can be achieved through a proactive approach where, on one hand, proponents are encouraged to seek out capable local industry and on the other hand, local industry is assisted to become internationally competitive – to be ready to take advantage of opportunities to participate in global supply chains for local and international projects. RBCO provides financial feasibility studies, setting up new company, management consultancy, investment advice and Foreign investment to handle the competitive environment

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